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Video Titles:
Kalb talks competitive, always learning and MACC
Kalb talks field conditions for planting on record field
Kalb works with Emmy and Jim to fill the planter
Kalb and Dedman count worms and talk soil health
Kalb walks strip till field and talks soil health with Joe Dedman
Kalb and Dedman talk soil health
Kalb talks contest corn, no till and population
Kalb spraying fungicide, root development, tissue samples
Kalb on soy beans and aborted pods
Kalb talks BASF Veltyma
Kalb checking corn in the river bottom and biggest pest
Kalb is 2020 Corn King
Kalb talks strip till, emergence and fungicide
Kalb talks soybean samples, branching, insecticides
Kalb pulling tissues samples
Kalb and Brooks talk about managing stress + pivots
Kalb and Brooks talk about CW
Kalb talks fertility, fungicide, and opinion on Brooks corn
Kalb in the field talking about tiling
Kalb talk strip till entry
Kalb talks corn growth and who he thinks will win
Kalb talks field emergence and root systems
Kalb charges the battery – Extended Cut
Kalb walks and talks late season corn


Cardinal talks planting and soils
051321 Cardinal more on planting optimism and Kalb
101120 Brooks Cardinal – Yield Estimate and Tar Spot
101120 Brooks Cardinal – Walking Corn and checking ears
Brooks talks Insecticide + Back Surgery
Brooks talks The Market – Cutting Rates + Management Changes
Jerry talks on John Deere Planters
Cardinal talks about Field #2 the Wave and Radical Emergence
Cardinal talks about Bill Bawn Farm – Emergence + Covid
Cardinal talks Soil Warrior + Mix Details
Cardinal talks the MACC groups
Cardinal talks about 360 Y drops
Cardinal talks about family and Oaktown
Cardinal talks Kalb planters and hybrids
Dallas Shells Corn, Yield Prediction, and Filling the Grain Cart for the 1st Time
Cardinal talks about Giving Thanks to the Cardinal Team
Cardinal talks learning to manage heat, fungicide applications
Cardinal talks Raising a family on the farm
Cardinal talks Overview of 2020 up till harvest
Cardinal talks Tassle Spraying, fungicide and more
Cardinal talks emergence and radical roots
Dallas sets an AB line and discs a cover crop
Brooks talks planting date and GDU differences

Henderson cousin Stuart Sanderson talks Marketing
Henderson talks soil and planting with Swood
Henderson talks with Nate about planter setup and timing
Henderson talks about what happened to the planter
Hendersons checking flow and goodbye for now
Henderson fills up and gets rolling with the planter
Henderson Dad gives incite on the old days and talks about crew size
Henderson drives the planter to the field
Henderson checks seed depth has things in the field and almost starts
Henderson finds a five leaf clover and gets ready to plant
Henderson welcome Miles and Dedman and talks planting
Henderson loads the planter with help
Henderson has a leak and gets it done with the crew

Luepkes and Melissa talk baterial rot on corn plant and finding things in the field
Luepkes and Melissa talk field trials with lots of different products
Luepkes pulls an ear and counts the rows around and long
Luepkes talks brace roots
Luepkes talks soil biology roots and scouting fields
Luepkes teases talking about roots and walks out of Agrigold field
Luepkes walks and talks Agrigold corn and management at
Luepkes talks water management and pulls the plug
Luepkes talks water management strategy with tile water
Luepkes talks drip irrigation and turns it off
Luepkes talks early timing on fungicide and insecticides
Luepkes talks root worms and how the corn plant works
Luepkes talks rare desease in the corn and plan for the day
Luepkes talks from trash to cash with tile and products like Zidua from BASF
Luepkes talk Concept AgriTek BioAid trial
Luepkes talks how to pay half on products
Luepkes talks quick update from contest field including management strategy
Luepkes talks the great butterfly plague of 2021
Luepkes talks irrigation new camera technology
Luepkes planting water ways and see you next time
Luepkes Digs up a corn plant and checks roots plus talks about 3 by 3
Luepkes flag test methods and emerging corn
David talks Fendt 1050 review
David talks his role and years strategy
David talks cultivator functions
Luepkes switches tanks during a trial
Luepkes talks Concept Agritek
Lupkes talks Fendt tractor trial
Luepkes talk Pivot Bio trial
Luepkes talks BASF products with small interruption
Luepkes talk AgriGold trials and gives good intel
Luepkes talks Pivot Bio into planter and gives good tip
Melissa talks Planting conditions and predictions
Luepkes talks infurrow programs and soil profile
Luepkes checks filter and talks gen 3 monitor for tracking singulations and more
Luepkes checks seed placement and talks rtk troubles plus checks for conceal leak
Luepkes team works on the planter
Luepkes and Nate try to get the planter going by using a hammer
David Spraying
Luepkes moving and starting a pivot
Luepkes finds some big ears
Luepkes talks about ear development, nutrition availability
Luepkes does Pivot Bio comparison
Chris from BASF on Veltyma
Luepkes checks fields roots and stalk girth
Luepkes talks products
Luepkes talks damaged by hail corn
Luepkes checks bean field roots and nodulation
Luepkes talks cover crops
Luepkes talks recap on the years and onion burgers
Luepkes talks soil biology and baby root dig
Luepkes talks strip trails
Luepkes talks modified planter dry banding granular application

061521 Atley talks cheat sheet in the automated mixing room
061521 Atley talks about challenges on his own farm
061521 Atley talks bean plant timing and preemergence and products – great tips
061521 Atley compares roots and talks nodules and early nitrogen on beans
061521 Atley checks bean roots and talks true dual innocluation
061521 Atley pulls a bean plant that was on intercropping last year and talks corn fodder
061521 Atley on reason for crosshatch beans and raised beds
061521 Atley talks soil types crosshatch beans TerraMax Checks soybean roots and more
061521 Randy counts the Pivot Bio demo plot samples and puts them in the bag
061521 Atley talks about working the potash in the soil and spraying timing on corn
061521 Atley theory on why some trials dont work
061521 Atley talks tissue test 101 strategy
061521 Randy talks lab process and Atley pulls plant and talks about soil
061521 Jim Kelly takes tissue sample and talks goal of Pivot Bio Proven 40 demonstration
061521 Atley talks with Randy and Jim from Pivot Bio about biomass and counting collard leaves
061521 Atley talks Miles flood Chads down corn and the weather
061521 Atley talks good sprayer team Ohio AG and scary good start
Atley, Miles and Robbo and talks planting timing and soils
Atley Miles and Dedman talk planter setup, products, mental health and much more
Atley talk Anhydrous Amonia Nitrogen
Atley talks deeper in anhydrous
Atley talks patience
Atley talks replant and Ohio soil types
Atley on Planting on goals for 2020
Atley on contest field, acre rotation and soybean populations
Atley talks BASF Veltyma
Atley talks heavy rains and test weight
Atley talks corn populations roots and stalks
Atley talks intercropping and root mass
Atley talks 10 inch corn, root systems
Atley talks Terramax
Atley walking 110 day corn
Atley Field report
Atley talks Pivot bio comparison, corn status and why it’s called Yellow Gold
Atley talks beans, height, node spacing
Atley field report
Atley talks tissue sample strategy
Atley talks tissue sample strategy on beans
Atley talks high speed planter setup
Atley talks tassel fungicide strategy
Atley talks mixing room and micro-nutrient strategy
Atley talks spraying beans products and strategy
Drozd Tissue Sample deficiencies and wind damage
Drozd in the field
Drozd talks the sorghum field and the 3 stages of pollination
Drozd talks pivot safety moving pivots, kernal depth
Drozd talks disking heavy clay ground
Drozd checking brown silk corn
Drozd bros tackle Y Drops
Drozd bros overview of the Climate Corp Field View
Drozd talks with Pivot Bio team on Proven product performance
Drozd Matt Davis from Corteva on Drozd Planting conditions
Drozd speaks to tissue sampling and covid effects
Drozd talks farming with family and farm history
Drozd in the field talks GDUs plus root systems and depth
Drozd in the competition field talks GDUs emergence and more
Drozd pulling roots at V2
Drozd looking at 79 day corn at V4
Drozd talks the Commodity Classic
Drozd talks bushel goals and status of contest corn
Drozd talks all things Pivot Bio
Drozd talks shortness and Y Drop intel
Drozd talks sun Pivot Bio and Fungicides
Drozd pulling ears and emergence check
Drozd talks Pivot Bio and 2 ears on dryland
Drozd checking ears and populations counts
Drozd talks Pivot Bio and finally raining
Drozd talks planting soil temps and populations counts
Drozd talk varieties and Pivot Bio