2022 Leader Board

Season 6 Leader Board


Name City State Highest Bu/A Practice Verified   PWR Score
Cory Atley Cedarville OH 366 BU/A     9.86
Dan Luepkes Oregan IL 328 BU/A
Chad Henderson Huntsville AL 355 BU/A     9.24
Levi & Jena Ocshner Sutton NE 325 BU/A     8.80
Heath Cutrell Chesapeake VA 394 BU/A     9.71


The day has finally arrived. Calculate your own PWR score and submit it to Corn Warriors for consideration in future episodes as a guest or seasons as a contestant.  Or, just check your own PWR score without submitting to see how you fair against the Corn Warriors this season.


Step 1: Calculate your own score using the PWR SCORE CALCULATOR and submit it at the end.


Step 2: Fill out and submit the Audience Contest Entry Form to be verified and compete with the warriors.


Corn Warriors Rule Book