PWR Score Explained

Here is how you win on Corn Warriors TV series contest.  Acquire all the points.
THE GOAL: As a warrior, you acquire points for different categories on your farm for the year as well as your contest entry. The warrior that acquires the most points wins. Game on!  PWR Score Calculator


2020 Score Card
Submit your yield info and compete against the Corn Warriors in this all new audience high yield corn contest. Are you ready to compete with the best farmers in the world? How many bushels per acre can you grow? Join the ranks of the greatest farmers in the world in the quest to become the next Corn King?  Do well enough in the audience high yield corn contest and get asked to be a guest in the show.



Highest State Ratio
How close are you to the current state record in your practice category?
Acquire between 1 – 5 points
Full Farm Avg
How is your farm average compared to your previous highest farm average?
Acquire between 1 – 5 points
Contest Emergence
How even was the emergence on your contest field?
Acquire between 1 – 5 points
Contest ROI
Was your contest plot profitable? These plots are not typically designed for ROI, but instead to find out
which products move the needle. The benchmark for ROI is lower and relative to a moderately expensive contest plot.
Acquire between 1 – 5 points
Farm ROI
How profitable was your farm this year compared to previous years?
More profitable = more points
Acquire between 1 – 8 points
Yield Loss
What percentage of yield loss did you have using Bushel Plus on your contest plot?
Less yield loss = more points
Acquire between 1 – 10 points
Test Weight
What was your test weight on your entered contest plot? 61 pound @ 26% moisture
Acquire between 1 – 7 points
Population Ratio
How many plants per acre did you have planted on your contest plot? The ratio of 1000 plants per bushel of yield being the ideal ratio and earning the most points. Verified lower ratios on this category can earn you additional + points
Acquire between 1 – 5 points
High Yield Ratio
How is your yield compared to the highest recorded national yield in that
specific farming practice category?
Acquire between 1 – 50 points