Cory Atley – The Beast

Cory Atley

Code Name: The Beast
Highest Yield: 338.24 BU/A
2021 PWR Score: 9.17

Located in Greene County Ohio, Cory devotes his time organizing input data, and yield strategies across 8,000 acres for both his farm, and his fathers farm. They plant over multiple soil types using both no-till and conventional till practices. Over all acres, their operations tout an impressive 245 aph for corn, and 68 aph for beans. With combined knowledge and innovative strategies, they have realized a 10 to 20 percent yield increase over every year.

Cory has dedicated years of his time, and thousands of acres in an effort to find a way to bring bigger yields to your front door!

Cory Atley is from Cedarville, Ohio and currently farms 8,000+ac of Corn and Soybean’s. We have always been looking for ways to better yield along with ROI on our operation since I can remember, but with the down turn in the market it has been more crucial than ever to get more out of every acre. In 2013 we switched to all 20” rows spacing for corn and soybeans and we were able to achieve 20bu avg better on corn and about the same yield for soybeans. Since then we have learned what it takes to get over the 240 bu avg for corn and 65 avg for soybeans. We have learned in any amount of row spacing it takes a detailed approach of every aspect of farming to gain yields in the 300+bu and 80+bu for beans all while not slowing down the logistics of our current farm set up. We started entering the NCGA corn yield contest 3 years ago and have been a winner all 3 years with the current state record, were also a 3 time National winner with Soybeans in the state of Ohio. We do not do “ special” plots for the contest as we believe we farm for averages and just take a normal swipe thru the field just like any one else would, there is no special set a side plot for the contest. This year we hope to build off that success. 

Cory’s crop consultating company, Advanced Yield, works with a proven, systematic approach that is tailor made to each members operation. Cory sits down with each new member, one on one, and learns the capabilities of each operation and approach and builds a detailed game plan around each members goals. This is a program for farmers by a farmer, meaning there is no product sales pitch by any chemical or seed company. “I believe when your independent of such company’s you can bring an unbiased approach to the customer. Rather it is achieving higher yields or maintaining your current yields with a better ROI, with Advanced Yield we will have a systems approach to achieve it.”

At the First meeting we will go over your goals for the upcoming season along with any soil samples and yield data you may have. We will talk about your current approach in fertilizing and seed and ways to feed the crop thru out. We will also talk about yield goals and budget for the crop. I will then go back and write recommendations for your operation based on what your operation is capable of with the equipment you already have. Recommendations range from, seed selection and seed populations to nitrogen amounts and when applied to fertilizer amounts and when applied along with products that are proven to perform thru out the season. We have tested and tried numerous of different products on the market and only bring forth the ones we know will work on your farm. So often a salesman will tell you to try a product simply because they say it will work but with Advanced Yield we will explain to you why it will and what you will be achieving from the product. With the ever growing Biological market and “yield in a bottle” sells going around it is important to have someone that will dive into the makeup of the products to ensure it is what your crops truly need. With Advanced Yield you will get a full season from Harvest to Harvest of a detailed approach with recommendations only for your operation. 

I started Advanced Yield to be able to help other farmers, so many times people try to just sell them products or give them a catch all approach that isn’t attainable to your operation. We will look at it as a full systems approach by reviewing all information you may have, then build from there based on your goals for that season and what goals I think may be achievable. From amounts, to rates, to timing, with Advanced Yield we will find a smarter way to achieve more and unleash your crop’s potential! 

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