The Podfather | Season 2

The Trailer

The Podfather: Season
The Podfathers are at it again, and it’s an even more exciting season.  There is a whole new contestant from an entirely new location.  Farmers everywhere are saying it’s a must watch.

201 - Money To Burn | EXTENDED

The Podfather: Season 2
The Podfather Season 2 is here! Join Cory Atley, Temple Rhodes, Perry Galloway, Matt Miles, and newcomer Grant Smith as they power through the 2021 Growing Season. Striving forward with new technologies and practices to face the unpredictable forces of Mother Nature, these 5 farmers will compete to be donned… The Podfather!

202 - Plant For Success

The Podfather: Season 2

203 - Dirt Nap

The Podfather: Season 2
Rhodes and his family plant soybeans while Smith deals with equipment trouble.

204 - Diamond And The Rough

The Podfather: Season 2
Atley shows off an innovative technique to increase soybean yield and Miles chases a storm of the decade.

205 - Beanie Babies

The Podfather: Season 2
Galloway updates us on his soybeans while Rhodes visits “Bean Baby” Greg Dell for a consultation. Produced by Swood Media © CornWarriors 2022

206 - Five On It

The Podfather: Season 2
Atley is visited by an inspirational guest and Miles finds a helpful surprise in his field.

207 - Soy Sauce

The Podfather: Season 2
Galloway elaborates on his management program while Rhodes and Greg Dell travel to West Virginia for a consultation with Smith.