David Hula – Corn King

DAVID HULA – Renwood Farms

Highest Yield: 616 bushels per acre

In 2003, Hula won his first National High Yield Contest with 322 bushels-per-acre, following up the next year with another win that yielded 339 bushels-per-acre. Another first place finish in 2007 at 385 bushels demonstrated Hula’s dedication to push the limits of high-yield farming to produce steady growth rates year over year. With each progressive year as a contestant in the contest he honed his technique to produce numbers that finally reached any farmer’s ultimate goal, the world record in corn yield in 2013 with 454 bushels-per-acre.  David is well known as the irrigated corn king.

Short lived, this record was surpassed in 2014 by another man from the south with 503 bushels. Never one to be outdone, Hula came back strong in the competition in 2015 to again set the world record at 542 bushels which still holds today. In 2016 Hula placed second to the southern gentleman with 485 bushels-per-acre on his contest plot. Should the past pattern of Hula coming back strong to win the contest after a second place finish, Corn Warrior viewers can expect season 3 to be the most competitive yet for Hula.

Once described as progressive, aggressive, driven and innovative David spoke about his commitment to a high yield program year after year with Delta Farm Press in 2015 after setting the world record saying, “ I hate to use this word, but it all comes back to the fact that there are no silver bullets in growing high-yield corn. We’ve been working on this a long time, and I’ve made a lot of mistake over the years. We started out trying to grow more than 200 bushels, then 250, then 300, then 350 and now this”.

Known as one of the top farmers in the world and a leader in the industry, Hula often participates in making educational videos and other media about high yield corn farming, sharing insights and tips on his own successes. When not working on the farm, Hula enjoys hunting and often participates in research programs with universities across Virginia. He is well known as the irrigated corn king for his massive 542 bu/a national high yield corn contest entry!

In 2019, David Hula broke all previous records and harvested a whopping 616 bushel per acre contest plot.