Levi & Jena Ocshner

Levi & Jena Ochsner

Code Name: The Family
Highest Yield: 322 BU/A
2021 PWR Score: 8.25

Levi and Jena Ochsner and their family have been raising cows and crops in small town Nebraska since 1885. They, along with their two boys, Stetson and Crawford, live on the original family homestead that is nestled just outside of Sutton, Nebraska and is home base for all things Double O Farms. Over the last 135+ years, the family has farmed numerous crops and raised a variety of livestock including pigs, lambs, chickens, and cows. Their current operation is focused on growing commercial corn and soybeans and tending to their Angus cattle. They farm alongside Levi’s parents, Jeff and Sheila Ochsner. When the farm isn’t keeping them busy, Jeff and Sheila also operate a crop insurance business with Jeff’s dad, Darv Ochsner. Grandpa Darv still comes back to the farm to help when they need it during harvest and other busy times of the year. They cherish the fact that they’re able to have three generations (four if counting Stetson) all working together to carry on the family farming traditions.

They feel incredibly blessed that the farm has survived so many generations. It has by no means been an easy road. With a lot of hard work, strong family values, and a whole lot of Jesus they are proud to be raising the sixth generation of Ochsner’s right on the land where it all started so many years ago.

With a personal best yield of 322 bu/A, the Ocshners are thrilled with the opportunity to share their story and farming techniques all over the country. Follow along on this journey during Corn Warriors Season 6!

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  • Susan Wood April 1, 202212:07 pm

    Excited to watch their story unfold on Corn Warriors ~ season 6!!

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