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The Talent of The Show

Leaders in their industry, they all seek the crown.

From the creators of Corn Warriors and The Podfather comes an all new, more inclusive series about farmers.  Top Crop gives viewers an entertaining look inside an evolving industry as old as time.  This new agritainment series brings you a real education as they struggle to make profit for multi-generational farms, fight to survive the challenges of 21st century modern farming and keep up with demand.  While the Earth’s bounty is seemingly endless, Mother Nature is a stern task-maker for these farmers.

Join the real leaders in the American agriculture industry as they explore being more sustainable, diverse and profitable.  Learn some of the techniques they implement in order to grow a variety of crops.  The top priority for these farmers is always ROI and you can gain access to all their secrets.  Tune in to Top Crop as we learn to grow our crops to the top.


Shelby Fite

Jackson Center, OH

Russell Hedrick

Captain Regin

Hickory, NC

Dan Luepkes

The Hammer

Chana, IL

Perry Galloway

Perry Galloway

Gregory, Arkansas

Cory Atley

The Beast

Cedarville, OH

Specialty Crops

United States

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The Story

With the wind at their backs, a true Warrior starts his journey with the intention to conquer what has never been conquered before. History is full of men and women that were the first to accomplish something new and big. The Corn Warriors are doing just this. They can break yield records, but can they do that, turn a profit, and be efficient at the same time? This is their mission, should they choose to accept it.  The gladiators of nature will bring the heat this season, but will it play fair?  Watch and see!  Let the games begin!

The Contest

As they journey on this quest for the highest Progressive Warrior Rating (PWR) they will use their experience, daily performance, and mental fortitude to gain points. This immersive documentary follows them on a wild adventure through winds, floods, heat exhaustion, pests, a competition, time management, and even equipment failures as they seek the crown.  In Season 5, the Corn Warriors are sharing more than ever before about how to stay efficient while learning to try new things.

The Yield

These warriors are ultimately striving to be better than they were before.  Each year, they are graded against elements of their own farm in previous years to get a fair understanding of how they are progressing as corn warriors. Tune in and expect to laugh, cry, and learn with real farmers that are more like family.

Television Awards

The story of an industry that grows

Corn Warriors has been nominated and entered into a number of marketing, television, and film contests in the past couple year. We are proud and honored to announce that we are the recipients of at least 28 placements in these competitions, included several Grand NYX Awards and Platinum Marcom Awards. The producers, talent and crew work in great synergy to produce next level television production solutions.

What are the fans saying?

Great work guys, have enjoy the shows and I try to learn as much as possible,, the pre show interaction is a great bonus,

Wade Pregitzer

Great to see to Farming getting some air time, Brilliant Show.

Michael (Rastas) Amarant

Great show Seth! ~ Brett Carter

Brett Carter

Corn Warriors has changed my farming operation. I have learned so much from watching the episodes for the past 5 seasons. Kevin Kalb is a true warrior and great example of how to get to the next level in my farming practice.

I only started watching the Corn Warriors series last year and immediately I was hooked. The farmers are relatable and I'm always learning something new. I'm guessing I saved at least 30 bushels per acre this year from tips I picked up learning from Dan Luepkes. Thanks Dan for helping with some great profits this year.

I definitely think I'm the biggest fan of Corn Warriors. I have been watching since it was Corn Wars. Cory Atley is the one I relate with and he clearly wants to help us. I can tell by the stuff he shares. He is always making me laugh when I least expect to. If anyone was going to help run my operation, it would be Cory Atley.

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