Vote For a 2021 Corn Warrior

How is a new Corn Warrior chosen? First, nominations are submitted, LOCATED HERE.

If those nominations had more than one vote, they are placed on the VOTING LIST you see before you today.

The audience will vote on these potential Corn Warrior contestants, in order to show us which of them has a potential audience or following. During this time of voting, serious nominees should prepare a quality AUDITION TAPE  with the proper content for consideration by the producers.  These audition videos will be considered for several factors including relatability, character type, farming knowledge, entertainment value, sponsorship abilities and most of all, qualification of growing high yielding corn and competing with the other contestants in the show.  These things should all be considered when submitting an audition video or while using social media to get others to vote for a nominee.

Once those videos are reviewed and conversations are had with nominees for consideration, the Producers will present three nominees of their choice to the current Corn Warriors panel.

The current 2021 Corn Warriors panel will vote on their choice for next Corn Warrior contestant.

This is the process for selecting a Corn Warrior in 2021.

We take this process seriously and you should too, if you want to be seriously considered.

Official Rules
Voting is open until March 5, 2021 at 11:59 pm ET
Winner Announced on March 15th, 2021 at 12 NOON
Audience vote is not the only metric considered for the selection of the next Corn Warrior. (see above)
A current Corn Warrior can not nominate a new contestant.
Nominee must submit audition video for full consideration.

Vote below for the top nominees for Season 5!

and watch the SEASON FINALE of Season 4

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